Monthly Archives: November 2012

While trying to come to terms with the pre-set blog themes on WordPress, I noticed my usually stable choice of colour had drifted from hues of yellow to shades of green. Its not entirely abnormal to like a different colour. There are industries thriving on the very fact that every season brings in a different colour palette.

There are a million theories and conjectures about colour preference stating why we choose a particular colour, how our decision may differ in a different culture, how gender plays a major role and how these choices evolve as we grow older. But the fact is – there are certain colours that just stay with you for a really long time; and then there are those that make sneaky appearances into your day-to-day decision-making for a shorter period. Now the question is, do these appearances follow patterns?

Yellow, happens to be my stable colour. So I felt rather odd, not to have instinctively chosen yellow. Being a student of visual communication, trying to justify every brief/project with the solutions/colours it NEEDS over those that I LIKE, just makes the occurrence of such moments in my life, all the more frequent. But then again – you got to do, what you’ve got to do!

Sometime back, almost about 3 months ago, I had taken a liking to the colour Orange. Everything remotely orangish, caught my attention. Now, since about 2 weeks ago, its Lime Green that has been dominating my observation.

What struck me was this:

On the colour wheel, if I moved from my constant yellow anti-clockwise, I’d find an Orange and if I travelled clockwise, Lime Green. The question again : Is this a pattern that can be backed by a scientific theory or just a product of coincidence? And honestly, google just confuses me more. But I’m on it!