Monthly Archives: April 2014

Today I learnt about a notion – One which loosely claims that as I grow older, I will stop wanting to try different things.  I will go to a restaurant and order the same dish. I will put on my earphones and play the same songs. I will go to a bar and ask for the same drink. I will stop experimenting with my wardrobe and my idea of fashion will probably stagnate. According to the theory (or mass observation), this change is gradual – a rather slow and unnoticeable process. Chances are, I will have switched over to the other side and not even realise it. I will be happy. And that is what worries me.

Do I want to have a calm and content life at the expense of not even wanting to learn something new? Do I want to vegetate into a comfort zone that I can never break out of unless absolutely necessary?

The difference between being headstrong and stubborn is so subtle that it is just hard to understand, often. I do not want to close myself to any possibilities. But as much as I may deny it, so many times I see myself resisting a certain kind of change. 

I fail to decipher between courage and cowardice. I was asked if I had been listening to the same playlist while driving. The answer – Yes! Next thing I did was find new artists and added them to my playlist. I wonder if challenging this theory makes me courageous or trying to evade the inevitable, cowardly.