Monthly Archives: May 2014

I am in a place that seems to have disabled my judgement. By judgement, I do not mean the ability to make better decisions, but just the need or want to make any at all. This is a fairly drastic change from what I have until now, perceived myself to be. For someone who is always sure about the bigger scheme of things, I usually prefer to be indecisive when it comes to the smaller ones. If I was given 18 minutes in time, I would consciously spend 15 of those choosing the right flavour of ice cream for that particular mindspace, time and location. I spend the larger chunk of my time actively exploring the little details in places, people, interactions, events and things. What used to be a conscious effort to engage all 5 senses in any given situation, has now become an instinct. I am of the belief that this constructed or conscious spontaneity has in fact made me more decisive about the ‘important issues’; and though I work very hard to apply organised thinking and sometimes even mathematicise the analysis of time and choice (with respect to the big life decisions) – a lot of times, these days, it doesn’t seem to work. I have come a full circle.

According to a theory I devised (as I do for everything around me) , I believe that I have started to apply the same approach to the bigger things now. It could be possible that I have started to seek the joy of being indecisive from things that I was (and preferred to be) previously very sure of. I believe I enjoy the vulnerability it lends, which has subsequently made me prone to taking a risk. The probability of me taking a risk now is much more than it has ever been, which is as exciting as it is unnerving.

This one is a throwback to last year, when the entire team at Design Route stepped out of the office for an hour everyday to slackline. I just dug out a set of gifs I had absolutely forgotten about. And some extra images too.

In order of appearance: Prachi, JP Ji, Channey, a repost of Anisha’s gif from before, Anantjeet, Saurabh, Saumyaa and I.












Soldier wounded in action!



And finally the double act, along with a badminton match across the slackline.