Monthly Archives: October 2014

Almost 5 years ago, I started this project called postcard for friends. It is something that I do when I really have a lot of time or when I have had a conversation with a friend that I feel compelled to capture. Following are some of the latest ones. Sometimes I post them, sometimes I don’t.


Is it weird that I am still pretty obsessed with the apocalypse?

In other news, I tried the lcd display on my arduino today. The code is not nearly as confusing as the million jumper cables I had to manoeuvre. I must say that contrary to popular belief (of my own) , I find the code much more endearing than the circuit.

Also, a quick shout out to the GIF. It is the poor-man’s video format, and in my eyes, most respectfully so. Poor men need video formats too, you know.


Here is a rough cut of the teaser to a little project I am working on, called Housemates. I experimented with different movements, focus and shadows. This was a fun little experiment I did to trick myself into learning how to make a film. Still learning how to edit effectively; please excuse the glitches.