As much I understand the general negative point of view about “new years resolutions”, I fail to implement the idea myself. The rationale usually put forward is that people resolve to do things which they don’t end up doing, consequently getting disappointed with themselves. I don’t fear disappointment as much as I do the prospect of having no faith in people, experiences and one’s own self. Hope is motivating. A glimpse of the ‘better’ pushes me to work harder. I construct expectations for myself to live up to, all the time. What I am learning with time though, is how not to be unrealistic. But then again, my definition of ‘unreal’ may be very different from someone else’s.

Here’s my theory, the whole point of expectations is to preempt an action in our minds – so technically it is all fantastical anyway. One can never be sure if what they anticipated will ever truly happen, till they are in that moment in time. And if that be the case, why not expect an ideal course of events and work towards it? This can lend itself to a philosophical debate where one can argue about relativism and idealism versus realism, but the idea is to find a logic for one’s actions. I am a bit of a dreamer and my logic is this – if everything is in my imagination, I can aim for the stars and see where it takes me. Same with resolutions – I have elaborate ones. Even if I do half of what I aim for, I am still learning far more than what I know now.

And of course my resolutions:

1. Read a minimum 12 books in this year. One a month is just perfect. Last year I probably read just 2.
2. Learn a new musical instrument. I bought a Jews Harp for myself on my birthday in November 2014. I am hoping to learn that or something that can be a useful accompaniment to my Hindustani Classical Vocal classes.
3. Learn a new form of Marshal Arts and/or Work out regularly
4. Get an Intermediate Skiing Certificate
5. Resume Horse-Riding
6. Participate in a minimum of 5 design competitions
7. Do weekly exercises to learn & sharpen software skills
8. Write a daily journal
9. Learn how to surf
10. Do one extensive passion project and 12 tiny ones.
11. Move to a different city

Yes, this looks like a lot and I might add more stuff as the year progresses. I am willing to give this a shot…because why not!



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