Monthly Archives: April 2015

My second book of the year was Haruki Murakami’s short story, The Strange Library. The copy that I bought is adorned with beautiful illustrations that sometimes encapsulate the text on the pages. Although it was a quick read, the story, the illustrations and the pace made for an immersive experience.

In my reading life, I have only read 3 short stories by Murakami and not a single novel. The strange library is a fantastical tale of a young boy who gets trapped in a library. What I liked most about the book, is that the events that unfold are far from the norms of reality and yet so grounded in human life. The ‘unexpectedness’ and the simplicity of the story’s components make it as compelling as it is basic. One can feel the restlessness of the protagonist amidst the layers of fantasy that the author creates. On a very remote level, this book reminded me of Miyazaki’s films.