Monthly Archives: March 2016

I went to the airport today to pick up some things that my mother sent for me through a family friend who was traveling to New York.

I picked up the bag of little things and headed to the subway station. As I was returning back from the airport, my eyes fogged up with tears. For the first time in 7 months, I felt the absence that I had been anticipating everyday since I moved to the city. I wondered why I never missed my family. I guess I didn’t have the time. Today, as I hold the things that my Mother carefully packed yesterday I have never been this aware of her absence and I have never felt this longing I feel today for my family.

16 February 2016
(Working in the living room of my new place at 10.30 pm)

The continuous sound of the radiator
Mixes with the wind blowing outside
Tanmaya shifted on the couch
He is typing on his keyboard
I am typing on mine
Footsteps of a man walking under my building
My elbow brushes against the table
The distant sound of a car passing by
Someone whistling
My foot made the wooden floor creak

Soundtstories is a personal exercise that helps me document the world through sounds alone. It makes me more observant and it is a lot of fun!! The idea is to listen to sounds chronologically but omit conversations.