Train #soundstories

29 April 2016
(In the Subway back home on a rainy day)

The train breaks, sounds almost like a soda can opening
Ding Ding, train doors close
A woman announces something
Doors open
Another train stops on the other side of the station
Doors close
Someone coughs
Screeching noise of the wheels on the tracks
Rumbling breaks
Sound of a water hose spraying water on the ground
A woman singing
Announcement, again
The sound of a vibration in the entire train
The train on the adjacent track is honking
Music through somebody else’s headphones
More honking
Someone takes a sip from a bottle
A guy humming
Doors opened
People settling in their seats
Doors closed
Plastic bags

Soundtstories is a personal exercise that helps me document the world through sounds alone. It makes me more observant and it is a lot of fun!! The idea is to listen to sounds chronologically but omit conversations.

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