Takeoff #soundstories

29 July 2016
( 6.44 pm, in an aircraft to Detroit – waiting for takeoff )

The aircraft’s accelerating engine
All objects suddenly trembled
Someone plugged in their seat belt
The sound of another aircraft taking off
Engine sounds become more consistent
The sound of impatience
Plastic candy wrappers
The chair squeaked ever so slightly as the person in front of me shifted
The aircraft is speeding up now
The person next to me snores
More squeaking chairs with more squeaks per second
My neighbor’s snores are now stronger
He stopped
A shrill sound of someone’s armrest being adjusted
The engine still in monotone
Still waiting

Soundtstories is a personal exercise that helps me document the world through sounds alone. It makes me more observant and it is a lot of fun!! The idea is to listen to sounds chronologically but omit conversations.


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