Monthly Archives: September 2017

2 September 2017
( 1.28 pm, Goldens Bridge : in the forest by the reservoir water )

Are the Squirrels coughing?
Do they belch, do they whistle sometimes?
Is it the sound of a swing of their tails?

Are the twigs and branches cracking their knuckles?
Could these be the sounds of little feet as birds perch on the massive trees?
What makes trees shed their barks? Is that what this is?

Maybe it’s the fish – making bubbles underwater
Maybe it’s the water, feeding the algae
Maybe it’s the algae, drowning the dry leaves
Is this what it sounds like when leaves drown in water?

Maybe the ants are racing
Or maybe it is raining tiny acorns
Are the pebbles just trying to fit in?
It can’t be the sound of my thumbs typing on my phone screen, right?

What does the forest sound like when I’m not here?
What does it sound like when I am?

Note: There is a very small sound – it is in abundance in this forest. I am trying to figure out what this sound could be…

Soundtstories is a personal exercise that helps me document the world through sounds alone. The task I give myself is to listen to (and record) sounds chronologically but omit conversations.