Reverse Inspiration ( working title )

I’m in a crisis of sorts – one that is amusingly poignant. As a thought hobbyist, I spend a fair amount of time indulging in some well structured, masterfully self-crafted methodical inessential thinking exercises about absolutely arbitrary arguments. It is what a millennial might incorrectly refer to as a ‘Rabbit Hole’. ( we let them roll with it. )

The architecture of Overthinking is founded on an intricate network of endless wonder, egocentric altruism and various forms of superiority complexes. It is a hobby only visionaries can sustain, for without the foresight who could ever think up all possible ways in which one’s 3rd toenail sets off their quarter life crisis. For us ‘introspection aficionados’, it is equivalent to meditation – an exercise of the mind and much like any spiritual experience, thought-indulgence yields the richest results in solitude. Needless to say, the more narcissistic the individual, the more rewarding the experience.

Without divulging the details of my current crisis, I’ll say that it is a crisis within a crisis within a crisis. It is really a blessing that I also happen to be a DIY psychoanalysis nerd – since it is becoming increasingly hard to find, connect with and afford professionals these days. Loosely based on Marshall McLuhan’s ‘medium is the message’, I came up with a syndrome called ‘confidant is the crisis’. More on this later..

Last night, a wonderful friend described to me a wonderful phenomenon – the existence of a human who, as he put it, is “the opposite of inspiring” – someone that reverse inspires you. Mis-inspiring? De-inspiring? Inspiration in the negative. – Inspiration? Part of my crisis involves being de-inspired by pretty much everything. I have hence resolved to document all things that suck the inspiration out of me under the terrible working title Reverse Inspiration.



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